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Working through the break

Morning, everyone!
This holiday break has been so relaxing, and now I'm hard at work on my next book. Here is a quick overview of the behind the screen goings-on.
  • I want my book to be accessible to everyone, so I'm toying with the idea of making it permanently $0.00, but that's not quite set in stone yet. 
  • The title will have to remain a secret for now because I'm trying to decide between three great names.
  • The genre is still fantasy, but it'll be a bit more mainstream than Featherlight.
  • It should be out within the next few months, so watch for it on the virtual shelves!
I'll be sure to post some updates on my progress (maybe even daily), so you all will know the general release date. 
For now, it's back to work! Last night, Featherlight broke the top 20 free fantasy paranormal ebooks, so don't forget that it will be free until the end of today.

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