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Announcing my book publication was one of the most memorable days of my life.

The whole family was together for Christmas, including my mom, dad, two sisters, two brother-in-laws, and their kids. My mom was on the floor, and I sat down in the couch near her.
“I have present for you,” I said. “Well, not a present, but a surprise.”
“What is it, honey?” She was surprised because I usually never acted like that. 'Surprises' weren't in my vocabulary.
“As of a few days ago, I became a self-published author. I wrote a book, and I dedicated it to your sister, Jacque.”
Her mouth fell open in shock. “Oh, honey! When did you write it?!”
“Over the past year,” I said, trying to keep back the tears (it had been a stressful few weeks).
Then the rest of the family overheard.
“What happened?”
“She wrote a book!” my sister announced.
“What? She wrote a book?”
I started to cry, and my mom came over to hug me.
“I hope you’re proud,” I said, laughing. “Writing those 80 thousand words was the hardest thing I've ever done.”
“Oh, ouch!”
My family quieted down slightly, so I said, “And overnight it rose to the top 10 bestselling free ebooks in its genre. It has been out for 4 days, so there has only been several thousand downloads.”
“Only several thousand?!?”
It was all a blur after that as I tried to explain how, when, and why I had started writing.
Most importantly, I admitted that the novel was far from perfect, but it would hopefully be the first of many. :)

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