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After an author completes his or her book, one of the first things they do is tell their family and friends. They announce on facebook, yell down the street, and trumpet their accomplishment at every turn.
I couldn't do that.
Writing under a pen name protects your identity and your background, but it also alienates you from your family. I wanted so badly to tell someone, "Hey! I did it: 80,000 words! Be proud of me, please!"
To this day, no one knows that I, the woman behind Laura Fields, author of Featherlight, wrote a book. That is such a strange feeling to have, to know that no one knows the real me. Maybe one day I will grow up and 'spill the beans', but for now I will remain Laura Fields (And perhaps I might give a few hints here and there to keep things interesting).
Besides, being able to connect with my readers online eases the loneliness and makes keeping secrets so much easier.
I hope everyone had a happy holiday, and don't forget that the Featherlight sale ends soon. :) Cheers!

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